Whenever we mentioned to other people what we were planning to do, we usually got one or both of the following responses: (1) why on earth would you do that? and/or (2) I’m jealous! So, we decided to create this blog to chronicle and share our adventure with our family and friends – you can decide: are we crazy or is this the trip of a lifetime?

We’ll start with a little bit about us.  We are Sam, Val and Colden. Colden is 5 years old (we’re not revealing our ages…lol). For a few years, we tossed around the idea of “full-time RVing” – looked at many trailers and class A’s and worked the numbers. Although it seemed to work on paper, it just never actually materialized. Val LOVES to travel…whether it’s a drive a few hours from home or across the country. We have taken several trips with Colden to visit family and friends across the country. Our longest to date was a month-long road-trip in the summer of 2013. I think that’s when Val really got the bug!

After the worse New York winter EVER (it seems) from 2013/2014, we decided that we were finally going to make the jump and leave New York. As we planned our move out of New York State to Oregon, Val’s mind began to grind through the possibilities…”Hey, honey…my love, …since we are pulling up roots from NY…have not established ourselves in Oregon yet and Colden is not in school yet…why not spend a year on the road in an RV?” Well, that took a while to sink in – but after more number crunching, planning and a full-on proposal presented to Sam, he agreed.

So here we are. Currently, the first day of October 2014 and we are on the cusp of leaving NY on our “mega” road trip! We hope you’ll enjoy keeping track of our travels.

First page of Val’s proposal to Sam:

Why Wait?

As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do. ~Zachary Scott

Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think. ~Chinese Proverb


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